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Enrollment & Rates
The Homeschool Classroom offers a flexible tutoring program designed to enhance the homeschool experience on a full or part time basis. Creating a supportive and disciplined learning environment for various ages in a classroom environment. A complimentary or primary learning program can be designed to enhance your child’s education and compliment their social experience.


The Tutoring Classroom is open Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 2:30 and Friday 8:30- 12:30.

Variable Tutoring Schedules are accommodated on a semester basis from 6-28 hours per week and parents select a schedule within the LEVEL chosen.

Rates range from $7 hr to $10 hr based on level of participation - decreasing with time.

Lunch / snacks are provided by parents.

Field Trips and Outside Learning Adventures are a part of the curriculum.

Parent Participation is encouraged and welcome.

A registration fee of $100 applies annually to each child.

Tutor / Learner Ratios are up to 12/1.  Children receive ample one on one study time.

A unique opportunity for homeschool kids to experience the joy of learning in a classroom setting, THE HOMESCHOOL CLASSROOM students transfer successfully into higher level regular education settings.
The Homeschool Classroom ® 
1500 5th Street STE 3, Santa Fe, NM 87505  
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To discuss enrollment in The Homeschool Classroom, please send the inquiry form via email.  We will be happy to meet with you personally to schedule a tour of the classroom and determine if your child would benefit from The Homeschool Classroom experience.
Level 1 : Collaborative Learner
Enhanced Learning Supportive of Homeschooling

1 full day $240 mo  
1.5 days $400 mo   

1 to 1.5 days   /  6-10 hours a week
Mondays & Fridays
RATE: $10 hr     

This level of tutoring is ideal for those desiring minor socialization and supportive classroom learning.

Parents take primary responsibility for the educational process, manage testing and guide their child's progress and development.

Young children do well with this beginning learner program as well.

Parents may choose to enroll from one full day to 1.5 days per week.  

Days are set per the existing classroom schedule.
Level 2: Dedicated Learner
The Perfect Blend of Home & School

2 full days    $384 mo
2.5 days      $512 mo
3 full days    $576

2 to 3 full days / 12 -18 hours a week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Rate: $8 hr

Ideal for most families blending homeschool learning with the concentration of major academic subjects taught in the classroom within a small, supportive setting.

Parents are actively involved in the learning process, but the Homeschool Classroom serves to guide, support and assist in the primary learning process.

Children easily transition into this serious course of study which supports the critical academic process, testing and achievement.

Parents may select a flexible schedule of 2 full days, 2.5 days or  three full days.  A 2.5 day schedule will utilize the FRIDAY 1/2 day schedule.
Level 3: Champion Learner
Full Time Learning

3.5 days      $616
4 full days    $672
4.5 days      $784

3.5 to 4.5 days / 22 - 28 hours a week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday half day.
Rate: $7 hr

This schedule is what many children grow into over time.  Similar to a traditional school schedule, this learning schedule relies on the small group tutoring as the primary setting for absorbing the academic basics.

Parents enhance and enrich the learning process with projects, homework and discussions.  This is an ideal schedule for working parents who wish to lean into group tutoring for their child's critical academic process.

This is considered a full time schedule and children attend the Homeschool Classroom regularly.

Parents may select a flexible schedule of set days. Half day class is held on FRIDAY.

Partnering with Families dedicated to a Homeschool Education is a serious commitment.  We are invested in seeing our Learners Excel, develop a love of learning and eventually enjoy a graceful transition into other/ traditional settings if desired.

To this end, we honor the financial commitment made by families to facilitate an enriched elementary experience.  Our commitment to our families is to keep the cost of tutoring stable for the entire course of their consistent involvement.

Once a child is enrolled in The Homeschool Classroom - their RATE remains the same for the life of their consistent schedule.  (If the amount of time enrolled changes, the rate will adjust to the current rate.)  

Families enrolling more than 1 child receive a 10% discount for each additional child at the current year rate - which will also remain stable with consecutive enrollment.

Should a child be removed from the program and return later, or if they lessen attending hours...the new rate will apply (if any).
We have room to serve approximately 25 children on various schedules.

 Please contact us today to discuss the possibilities! 
PROGRAMS and RATES ~  flexible, fun and effective small group learning opportunities
POLICIES: Parents sign a letter of intent prior to beginning tutor services and identify the learning level from the above options for each child for the semester.
                 Payments are monthly and are due by the 7th day of each month.  A late fee of 5% will be added thereafter. All fees must be paid by month end.
                 NM Gross Receipts Tax will be added to all fees per NM law.
                 A non refundable $100.00 Registration Fee is due with each child's letter of intent to participate.
                 Monthly prices will remain the same despite student absences, holiday breaks or snow days. 
                 We generally follow the Santa Fe Public School Calendar.
                 Some flexibility may apply for students attendance for the month based on the hours booked in order to utilize all time paid for.